Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by to meet me! I'm a natural light photographer located in the amazing city of Austin, Texas.  I'm addicted to capturing moments and connections, not perfectly posed portraits. I'm an introvert but I'm also a goofball.  I love hugs, chocolate, and brussels sprouts, but not all together.  I overuse the exclamation point at times and I love emojis. :) I'm your textbook right-brained individual, which really means I'm messy and scattered but also creative and fun. And yeah, I totally own it!  I'm married to the best guy and we have a wonderful son, Kingston, who is coincidentally the inspiration and catalyst behind my photography journey. 

My intent with you is to capture real and honest moments. Which means, I want to get in your business a little, you know? I want to know what means the most to you and then I want to freeze exactly that and give it back to you in a beautiful way. This is my passion and I'm thrilled at the possibility of being able to meet you! So go ahead, shoot me an email and let's do this!