Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by to meet me! I'm a family lifestyle photographer based in the amazing city of Austin, Texas. I never know what to say in this space so I'll tell you I'm an open book. I'm a goofball, I'm a lover, I can be awkward and I get nervous.  But I am absolutely at home behind my camera and I'm addicted to capturing your moments and connections, not perfectly posed portraits. I overuse the exclamation point at times and I love emojis. :) I'm your textbook right-brained individual, which really means I can be messy and scattered but also creative and fun. I totally own it!  I'm married to the best guy and we have a wonderful son, Kingston, who is coincidentally the inspiration and catalyst behind my photography journey. 

My intent with art is to capture real and honest moments that make you feel...that make you "remember when". I want to know what means the most to you and then I want to freeze exactly that and give it back to you in a beautiful way. This is my passion and I'm thrilled at the possibility of being able to meet you! So go ahead, shoot me an email and let's do this!