half a year of joy {austin lifestyle photographer}

You get pregnant, and hire a photographer to document your glow and growing belly. Then, your sweet baby comes and a newborn session is a must! You blink and then your precious babe is one year old...but wait. What about that amazing time in between, when your little love is giggling, and growing and discovering things everyday?! 6 months, y'all. It's the CUTEST. (I mean, really anytime in there from 4-9 months)  

This sweet family of mine, wanted to document just that--the rolls (oh my gosh, the ROLLS!! pass the butter, please!) the smiles, the curiosity, the daily life with a 6 month old. We had such a sweet time. And I did my best to resist eating this little cutie right up. It was so difficult! 

a new sister to love {austin and houston lifestyle newborn photographer}

Some of you may not know that I travel for this amazing work that I am blessed to do. And I've many awesome clients in Houston! So when this gorgeous mama contacted me about a newborn session there, it was a no-brainer. When I walked into their sweet home, I fell in love instantly. Everything was so easy and flowed so naturally. Big sister and I hit it off and she showed me around. One thing I really try to do, is make the siblings feel important. It's a time of adjustment and change, and though I'm there to capture the new baby that has arrived, I also want any siblings to know that I see them and they are an important part of the story. 

what a difference a year makes...{austin lifestyle photographer}

One year ago today, I was witness to the birth of this beautiful girl. I was witness to the power of love and support, and determination. (see that here) Seeing this family again at one year feels like a full circle and it also feels like such a great honor. Happy First Birthday, Journee! 

austin lifestyle photographer angela doran

And a big THANK YOU to Allison at Party Local for pulling together the cutest decor for us! And to One Eleven East for having such an amazing space. 

Overshare warning! 

back in time, marfa tx {austin lifestyle photographer}

I spent a long weekend with my family in Marfa, TX this past weekend and it was basically the best! Several people asked me, "What's in Marfa?" when I told them we were going. Well, lots! My dad was born there, and my parents met and fell in love in Alpine, so that alone had me intrigued. I haven't been back to that area in many, many years. I wanted to see for myself, this magical art scene, along with the drastic change in scenery that I know and love in Austin. I found the cutest little airbnb home to rent and that was that. 

We spent our first hours there exploring. We parked and walked to the Hotel Saint George which also houses the Marfa Book Store. They had many unique selections of books, art, and retail. The adults enjoyed a tasty beverage while Kingston sketched happily in his new purchase from the bookstore. We walked along the street (Highland) and stepped inside of art galleries to find gorgeous surprises--Warhols! and other beautiful works. That evening, we ventured to see the "Marfa Lights." My dad has told me many a story about these so I really wanted to see what they were like. I am 99% sure that I saw at least one--pretty neat. 

We woke up the following day and headed straight for Marfa Burrito. I cannot even describe to you how delicious these were. First of all--they are HUGE. One will do you. It's a hole in the wall and it's a must. Just down the street from that is the Chinati Foundation, where we walked around to see Donald Judd's concrete installation. We were too early to see anything indoors and had other plans to head to Fort Davis, but we loved these! 

I went to Fort Davis as a child, and I loved it then. I was super excited to share that with Kingston! We arrived and headed straight to the McDonald Observatory to see what we could do during the day there. (We'd already booked the star party for that evening) It was fun, but not nearly as fun as going back that evening. More on that in a sec! We then went to have lunch, and headed to Fort Davis National Historic Site. While I have mixed emotions on this site, it's history and was still neat to see. My favorite part was the hike. Gorgeous view of Fort Davis at the top! 
After dinner, we headed back to the McDonald Observatory for the star party. I was actually worried that we wouldn't be able to see anything, because the sky had been partly cloudy/hazy all day. But wouldn't you know, it cleared up literally just as the party began and we had a blast! The night sky in this part of Texas in mind blowing. The area is considered one of the darkest in the United States because there is minimal light pollution and this makes the stars much, much brighter. The host was hilarious and informative. Kingston was fascinated by the telescopes and the amazing views of the stars and mostly, the moon. We also got 2 views of Venus! Attending a Star Party is a must if visiting. 

The next day we headed to both Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park. In all honesty, you need a whole weekend here. We hiked a little, but we will definitely come back to camp and properly explore. It's incredible. We were all in awe of the landscape and the natural border of the Rio Grande. It's absolutely beautiful and I hope that it remains untouched by any sort of wall or barriers. 

Some other recommendations: Pizza Foundation--delicious!! Ranch Candy--who doesn't love a candy store?! Hotel Paisano-another good place to grab a drink! 

Super long post/story short: a trip to Marfa is well worth the drive. <3
(iPhone images below)

fun loving family! {austin lifestyle photographer}

I loved seeing this family again, this time with a little brother added to the mix! The last time I got to see them, Mama was pregnant with him. Connections are my favorite--and this family has them just so naturally. A lot of the time when I start a session, I tell the family, "Just love on one another!" That's exactly what they did. <3 

austin lifestyle photographer angela doran
austin lifestyle photographer angela doran

the last baby bump {austin lifestyle maternity photographer}

Because this mama will soon be having this sweet boy, I figured I'd start with her session from this past fall. (waaaaaay behind on posting, obviously) You may remember this gorgeous mama from this session or this one. Well, she killed it again with this last baby bump. 

austin lifestyle photographer angela doran

We met up on a misty morning and made some magic. Julie, who is one of the most gorgeous mamas I know, is always down for a little adventure. We waded in the creek, and then went for a little time indoors. Little man stole the show a couple of times, but he's so dang cute he's allowed. I cannot wait to meet this baby boy! 

My Favorite 16 of 2016, personal work {austin lifestyle photographer}

So long, 2016! I say this each year, but I cannot believe another year has come and gone! A year in which I took MANY photographs. A friend asked over the weekend, how many I thought I'd taken and it made me pause. Because my initial answer is A LOT. But when I really think about it, that number is in the tens of thousands. 40k? 50k? I don't know. Between personal and client work, it's just many many images. (about 3 terabytes' worth made the cut, if that gives you any idea) And like many artists, I went through times of doubt, boredom, and artistic ruts; as well as times I thought that I was on to something, and feeling like I was kicking ass. I started freelensing in January 2016. This helped me through some of those times, as well as mini courses from various photography forums. Knowing when to reach for or put down my camera, restricting myself to just  my iPhone for periods of time, and keeping my eyes open for interesting situations are all avenues I take trying to keep my perspective fresh. 

I've seen a few "favorite16 of 2016" posts floating around and I thought it would be fun to try and narrow down my own favorite images from my personal files. And I'm laughing as I type this because I know how hard this was for me. I'm sure that when I look back at this post even a month from now versus my entire 2016 album, it's guaranteed that I will have some different favorites. But here goes! 

This is my favorite image of 2016, I think. I just love the light, and that sweet contemplative face. 

This is my favorite image of 2016, I think. I just love the light, and that sweet contemplative face. 

The sheer luck of the Beanie Boo bouncing up, paired with the sun flare makes this a favorite as well. 

The sheer luck of the Beanie Boo bouncing up, paired with the sun flare makes this a favorite as well. 

This drainage tube is a favorite of ours and I've taken several images of Kingston here--you can see them on instagram here.

This drainage tube is a favorite of ours and I've taken several images of Kingston here--you can see them on instagram here.

Trying something new, at night, using a spotlight. I love the outcome! 

Trying something new, at night, using a spotlight. I love the outcome! 

Because I will always love silhouettes. 

Because I will always love silhouettes. 

I love the imperfectness of this image. Lack of focus, water bokeh and the classic childhood water hose fun. 

I love the imperfectness of this image. Lack of focus, water bokeh and the classic childhood water hose fun. 

I love the t shirt, the sand-speckled face, the temporary tattoo and the fact that we were at one of our favorite exploring places. 

I love the t shirt, the sand-speckled face, the temporary tattoo and the fact that we were at one of our favorite exploring places. 

Pure Summer fun. (a full sun portrait)

Pure Summer fun. (a full sun portrait)

This feels like an old portrait to me. 

This feels like an old portrait to me. 

A portrait taken through a plastic grocery bag.

A portrait taken through a plastic grocery bag.

Because rainy days can be favorites too. Except it wasn't raining-I was spraying him with the water hose and he got smart!

Because rainy days can be favorites too. Except it wasn't raining-I was spraying him with the water hose and he got smart!

Freelensed Shadow + Light

Freelensed Shadow + Light

Again with the Shadows + Light

Again with the Shadows + Light

The eyes have it. 

The eyes have it. 

Another spur of the moment adventure.

Another spur of the moment adventure.

Celebrating New Year's Eve at the beach. 

Celebrating New Year's Eve at the beach. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring with creativity and artistry! Thanks for checking these out and following along with me! 

sweet simplicity {austin lifestyle newborn photographer}

When Samantha reached out to me about a lifestyle newborn session, and let me know that it was a GIFT from her husband's employer, I smiled a big smile. How thoughtful is that?! And as always, I was both flattered and honored that she chose me! 

When I arrived at their home, everything was so easy. They all piled on the bed and loved on each other; I hung with the kids while Mom fed and soothed the baby. It was a very laid-back vibe. Their home is filled with love and patience and I just loved my every second with them. 

treat yo'self {austin lifestyle photographer}

I met this beautiful gal a couple of years ago at a mutual friend's wedding and loved her from the introduction. She's just a fresh, young, intelligent, confident, and happy woman. She came to Austin to visit our lovely friend and wanted to treat herself to a session. We had a blast. It felt freeing to me to collaborate with her, as she is an amazing artist. Her dance resume is beyond impressive. Jordan, I'm wishing you all the love and support on your newest endeavor with Norwegian Creative Studios! 

bridal portrait beauty {austin lifestyle photographer}

I've been DYING to share these images! And now that Rex and Johanna are officially hitched, I'd like to say Congratulations! And start them off with my favorite marital quote: "May you fall in love many times, always with the same person." 

Now let's get to Johanna's bridals, because everyone loves a bride, no?! Our session was easy and flowed so well. I loved having Johanna's mom there to assist, and we laughed and enjoyed the air conditioning inside of Laguna Gloria's Driscoll Villa while the stormy, humid skies threatened to erupt at any moment. 

Johanna, you are stunning. Thank you for allowing me to capture these special images! 

ode to summer, a(nother) personal post {austin lifestyle photographer}

School started this week, and this year the adjustment's been a tad easier. We still miss summer, but our consolation is that fall will come...eventually. Ha! 
Our Summer was a great one. "The best summer EVER", actually, per Kingston. I like to do a recap on the ol' blog so that we can relive it for years to come. It started with a surprise trip to Disneyland. {the video is a bit dark, because we surprised him at 4 o'clock in the morning.)

I actually didn't take many photos, because it was my first time to Disneyland too, and I just wanted to soak it all in. So, I took many photographs in my heart and soul. It was of course, MAGIC. Our favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Star Tours, and Hyperspace Mountain. And...the churros! 

And then, we did all the summer things: cold treats, swimming, exploring, camping and relaxing. It should be noted that he spent the first 3 weeks of summer in a boot. (fracture in the growth plate of his 4th metatarsal) 

Above are iPhone photos sent to me from Kingston's Marme (grandmother) on their trip to the Flying L Dude Ranch near Bandera. This child is so loved! He had an absolute blast. (if viewing mobile site, double tap to scroll)

Well, it truly was an amazing summer. And, if you made it all the way to the end of this post, you're a gem. xo

waiting patiently {austin maternity photographer}

One of the sweetest times in a mother's life is the wait to meet the beautiful being she carries for 10 months. No, all of the details of pregnancy aren't always awesome, but the fact that your body is creating another human life is absolutely incredible. And the chance to document this amazing time is not lost on me. I know that these two are more than ready to hold that sweet baby in their arms. Not too much longer, Shannon & Kevin! Side note: Shannon is the amazing woman behind Homegrown Provisions! Her instagram feed is SO insanely gorgeous with bright, fresh, delicious food and recipes! Check it out! 

austin maternity photographer angela doran

handsome hugh {austin newborn photographer}

Well, it's about time for another blog-a-palooza! This summer has been a FUN and busy one, and well, blogging fell by the wayside. Again. But, I just poured myself a cup of coffee and I'm going to blog my little fingers to the bone. Let's start with a newborn...because babies are always a welcome sight!

If you remember my Zen Mama post, then you'll be happy to see the little "zen baby" was born! He is SO incredibly sweet and truly such a content little guy. Oh, and HANDSOME as all get out. I loved meeting him, and seeing his family again. It was very relaxed and easy-going session, my favorite kind.  

austin newborn photographer angela doran

Shot on iPhone6 and Kingston's Yellow Flowers

Ok, every once in a while, I hijack this blog for personal use. Although this time it feels a bit awkward, because if you know me, you know that I'm not one for attention. But, this experience thus far has been wonderful, exciting, enlightening, and heart-warming so I'd like to document it. 

angela doran photography shotoniphone6s austin tx

One Friday, the Good Friday before Easter, in fact, Kingston and I were on our way home from Georgetown and we passed this amazing yellow bush in a Walgreen's parking lot. As soon as I saw, it, I turned the car around. It was so vibrant, that it just begged to be photographed. Kingston wasn't really feeling getting out of the car, but I needed a subject, and he sweetly humors me all too often. I didn't even make him put his shoes on, I placed him in the bush and took a couple of snaps and on we went. I posted it to Instagram (my FAVORITE app--you can find me both here and here) and that was that.

Then, maybe a month or so later, I was contacted about this image and the next thing I know, I'm being featured in Apple's Shot On iPhone 6s campaign. Talk about surreal. The moment I read that congratulatory email, the tears came. I was shocked, excited, and elated-because I wasn't even sure what it was all about in the beginning. And then, to all of a sudden be a part of an international campaign...insane. And oh-so-awesome! Once I posted this news, along with the billboard locations, the pictures came rolling in. THIS is my favorite part of all of it. That my family and friends are sharing with their family and friends, rallying the troops if you will, to find my photo all over the world. THE. WORLD. People that I've never even met in real life are excited...for me. Oh gosh, I'm getting a lump in my throat just typing this. It's absolutely incredible to not only see an image that I took with my phone up in places I've only dreamed of visiting, but that I've had so many generous people that have cared enough to send them to me. Here are most of the images that I have received. I am still working on getting some of them loaded in, and I'll continue to edit the slideshow, as I receive them. NOTE: the mobile version viewed from cell phones does not have the location/photographer caption. 

Here is a list of the billboard locations, just in case you happen to be near one! Although, we have had some found that are not on this list! If you do happen to spot it, I'd love it if you would email it to angelandoran@gmail.com. 

US - Boston - i-93 North/East
US - Boston - Massachusetts Ave. @ Columbus Ave.
US - Charlotte - E Trade St. S/O N College St.
US - Chicago - Clybourn Station Saturation
US - Chicago - Halsted St. @ Randolph St.
US - Columbus - 15 W Cherry St. (left)
US - Dallas - Field + Elm
US - Denver - 14th St. + Arapahoe
US - Detroit - 1214 Randolph St.
US - Los Angeles - Lincoln + Harrison
US - Los Angeles - Sunset E/L @ Alvarado
US - Nashville - Broadway Wallscape
US - New York City - Park Ave. + E. 32nd St.
US - Philadelphia - I-95 0.7 mile S/O Broad St. WS
US - San Francisco - 2nd St. S/O Howard E/S
US - San Francisco - US 101 N/O Airport (SFO) E/S

AU - Sydney - Lane Cove, Epping Rd.
CA - Montreal - Atwater Station (Set 1)
CA - Toronto - Adelaide Fire Station
CH - Zurich - Main Station
CL - Santiago - Los Leones + Providencia
CN - Tianjing - Pengying Building
CO - Bogota - El Dorado Carrera 103
DE - Berlin - Potsdamerplatz
DE - Hamburg - Big Banner Station
DE - Hamburg - Grosse Johannisstrasse
DE - Frankfurt - Frankfurt Lightboxes
DE - Munich - Big Banner Station
FR - Lyon - Hotel de Varey
FR - Marseille - Canebière
FR - Paris - Gare Saint Lazare Cour de Rome
IN - Chennai - SSPDL towards Siruseri
IN - Delhi - T Point Cyber City
IN - Hyderabad - Financial District ICIC
IN - Kolkata - Road Lake Town FCG Ultadanga GR
IN - Mumbai - Byculla Mazgaon Junction
IT - Milan - Vip Prima Pagina Corso Garibaldi
IT - Rome - Corso Vittorio Emanuele Domination
JP - Nagoya - Kyoritsu Denki Building
JP - Osaka - Cockdor Building
JP - Sapporo - North Mansion
JP - Tokyo - Shinjuku S2 Building
KR - Daechi - Miraeasset Building
KR - Yuido - Road 88
MX - Mexico City - Flower Stands
MX - Monterrey - Plaza 401
SG - Changi Airport T2 Lightboxes
SG - Raffles Place Mrt Station
TH - Bangkok - Asoke-Ratchada
TR - Instanbul - Atasehir Mall
TR - Instanbul - Unalan
UAE - Dubai - Sama Hoarding
UK - London - Imax
UK - London - Old St. 333


Magazines/Publications (image on back cover)

People (US) released 7/1

California Living (US) released 7/8

Observer Magazine (UK) released 7/3

Jamie Magazine (UK) released 8/4

Zeit Magazine (Germany) released 8/11

Dominical (Spain) released 7/24

La Cucina Italia (Italy) released 8/22

L’Espresso (Italy) released 7/22

Kommersant Weekend (Russia) released 8/5

Shortlist (UK) released 7/5 

Country Style (Australia) released8/11

West Weekend (Australia) released 7/16

Sunday Life (Australia) released 7/31

Canadian Living (CA) released 7/20

Casa Living (Korea) released 8/20


Bon Apetit, July 2016

Bon Apetit, July 2016

Thank you to every single one of you that has called, text me, posted comments of congratulations, shared about it and for all the love, in general. I feel very blessed by all of you! And thanks, to Apple and the sweet gal who found my image--I'm beyond honored. xo

a mother's love {austin family photographer}

This session, had me at hello. Megan contacted me for some special images of her and her daughter. She wanted to capture the love between the two of them, and let me be the first to share with you all, it is just so, so incredible. They pulled up to our location, and out walks this gorgeous woman (I have a thing for red hair!) and then she pulls her daughter out of the car...who is allll curls and lashes and smiles. So yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed with every single image from their gallery. 

Thank you, Megan, for allowing me to witness and capture your connection. I adore you guys! 

family fun back at the ranch {austin family photographer}

I've known this sweet family, since long before they were in fact, a family. Back to the Bobcat days of college, I met Kristen through a mutual friend, and I loved her then. She is just incredibly sweet and unbelievably funny. And GORGEOUS. Fast forward to when I first began my business and she was one the of the first people to book a session. From Fort Worth, I might add! Since that session, we've been trying to reconnect again and the weather hasn't been on our side. BUT, she sent me a text telling me that she'd be in Austin and we had to make a session happen. And that we did. She casually mentioned that she'd like to shoot at her husband's family ranch and I just about died. YES, please! The rest is beautiful history, captured forever.

As we were driving around on this amazing property and she'd say things like, "Just tell us where you want to stop," And I wanted to stop EVERYWHERE! It is stunning. And then, Kristen saved a sweet surprise for the end of our session to symbolize the addition of a sweet baby BOY! 

Kristen, I love you guys! Let's do it again!

zen mama {austin maternity photographer}

When Bea contacted me, she had a specific vision and I was instantly intrigued and excited. Her words: "My vision is to capture a modern woman relishing in the journey of bringing forth life. Celebrating feminine strength in a contemporary world." Bea owns a yoga studio here in Austin (Bea Love Yoga) and she just radiates strength, peace and grace. I also got to meet her adorable daughter and capture them together during this special time!  

austin maternity photographer angela doran
austin maternity photographer angela doran

So excited to meet baby H! xo