Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me!  here’s what you need to know-talking about myself always feels strange, but I am what I like to call an extroverted-introvert. I'm quiet and mostly reserved, but I also LOOOOOOVE people. I'm a lover. And when I consider you "my people" well, that’s that. I should mention I'm a scorpio...take that how you will. :) I believe in the power of women, that all humans deserve equal and fair treatment and love is love. I live to be outdoors: exploring, hiking, swimming, patio-ing: trust me, it's a thing. Give me all the spicy things to eat and while you're at it, a good IPA and maybe some chocolate. I can be suuuper awkward but I am absolutely at home behind my camera and the feeling of excitement when I capture something beautiful is my favorite.  and when I do, you’ll know it because I’ll be making strange noises and acting like a crazy person. I overuse the exclamation point at times and I love emojis. :) I'm your textbook right-brained individual, which really means I can be messy and scattered but also creative and fun. I totally own it!  I'm married to the best guy and we have a wonderful son, Kingston, who is coincidentally the inspiration and catalyst behind my photography journey. 

Now that that's out of the way--

My intent with art is to capture the real and honest. I don't want you to hire me to simply take pictures. I want you to hire me because you want me to see your beautiful people the way that you do. I want you to trust me to document your beauty as I see it and give it back to you in a beautiful way. and, I want you to have FUN! i routinely hear from my amazing clients that my sessions aren’t like the typical photo session. we laugh, we dance, we move. i want to give you an enjoyable experience and share my passion with you! So go ahead, click here and let's do this!

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