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2014 was a big deal for me. After some personal stuff, I decided to go for it with my own photography business in April. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my first year would be this fun, this fulfilling, this awesome. So, I just wanted to thank EACH and EVERY one of you who pushed me, supported me, and helped me find my way. And to all the families and friends that stepped in front of my lens with the confidence in me when maybe I didn't have it in myself...THANK YOU is not enough. I'm looking to do big things in 2015. I'll be giving a couple sessions away, expanding my horizons, and honing in on what makes my photography my own.  I see my photography journey as just that; something that will take me places and I hope that it grows and changes always. MUCH LOVE to you and yours in the New Year. I hope that YOU (yes, you!) find much joy and success this year! 

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