a special introduction {austin newborn lifestyle photographer}

Photography is so powerful. It can stir emotions, awaken the senses and take you back in time. So when my sweet friends asked if I would come up to the hospital to photograph some priceless moments for them, without hesitation I said yes. What was I to capture? The moments their newest son meets his big brothers! A "Fresh 48" if you will. So I was on standby and giddy with excitement. On a gorgeous Sunday morning, she let me know that sweet baby brother had been born in the earliest hours that day and they were ready for the big introduction. I packed up and headed to St. David's and arrived just as Dad was walking in with the boys. Their excitement was absolutely adorable. 

This was the freshest baby that I've ever met, besides my own, at just 9.5 hours old. Mama looked so beautiful, so calm and moving around quite nicely. And this baby boy, y'all...the sweetest. 

There is NOTHING more beautiful. Mama + baby 

There is NOTHING more beautiful. Mama + baby 

It felt almost sacred to be in the room with them; everyone studying the tiny details of their new family member as I watched and captured the hello's and happy birthday's, "gentle touches" reminders, kisses and hugs. 

 I hope this beautiful family cherishes these images for many years to come and they ignite the feelings felt on this special day. Baby's smell, soft skin, and the power of love and family. <3 Love you Saunders Family!