the art of adventure: personal post {austin lifestyle photographer}

This past Saturday, I had no sessions. I did this intentionally because duh, Fall. FALL! Fall sessions are here and I am quite booked through November, which is GREAT! But, if you know me, you know how much I love spending time with my favorite boys. So, I made sure to save a couple days just for them. Though I didn't take pictures of the entire day, (which included a trip to the Farmer's Market, Halloween shopping, Target, watching football) I did take my camera with me on a little adventure with my son.

We walked over to a special little spot that we've been going to for years.  We stayed there until the sun was so golden and no more dirt could be forced underneath his fingernails. Adventure doesn't have to be far away. It's in your neighborhood, around the corner, and right under your nose.  Seek it out. Or let it find you. Just know, it's there.