a family love story {austin lifestyle photographer}

I spent a love-filled chilly Sunday morning with this beautiful family.  Our plan was to start outdoors and then move to their home to capture them in their everyday setting. So, I scouted around and came across a totally random area a few blocks from their home that would be gorgeous against the rising sun. (Raise your hand if I've ever told you to meet me at an odd place for a session but then once you got your images you were all..."Ohhhh! She isn't crazy!")  So, this is definitely an image-heavy post because they were hard to narrow down! And if you can believe it, there were many more images! I LOVED my time with you guys, Melissa! 

Then we hopped in the car, to go make coffee and hot chocolate and relax. 

Your family's love story is just waiting to be told...thank you Melissa for choosing me to tell yours! xo