a beautiful birth story {austin birth photographer}

It has taken me a couple of weeks to process the incredible experience of this beautiful birth story. I went straight from the hospital into my son's 7th birthday so that weekend was like a vortex of awe, love and deep nostalgia from my own birth experience. 

Danielle and Bryan wanted their 4th and final son's birth captured and I consider it one of my luckiest days that they chose me to do this for them. I waited with cameras ready, batteries charged, and childcare on a moment's notice. The day finally came and what a gift it was. Watching Danielle was a vision of sweet anticipation, determination and quiet strength. Her husband Bryan was absolute true love and support. The day went from light and jovial, to a little more quiet and serious, to love and amazement. Being able to have a bird's eye view into the hard-work from everyone, including the amazing doctor, nurses and staff, and also the love that has grown their family, well, it was magic. Narrowing these images down for a blog post was also almost downright impossible! Every moment was insanely important to me and the images captured were SO full.of.love.  Welcome to your amazing family, Emerson Allen.