summer loving, had me a blast {austin lifestyle photographer}

I'm always a little sad when summer is over. Gone are the days of sleeping in (you know, like to 7:30), and the lazy days of doing whatever strikes us. But at this point, as always, I'm ready to be done with scorching temperatures and sweating profusely. Every year I like to do a summer recap in photos and so here we are again, a gratuitous personal post. :) We travelled a little, played a lot. We read some books, we stayed close to home, we adventured in our city. Blake had to go to New Orleans for more than half the summer so King and I were inseparable. We definitely continued taking our self portraits, but I'll save those for a special post when the year is over. I stayed busier with sessions than I expected and I am grateful for that! It was a nice summer and we are already making plans for next year. Let's see what fall brings! xo
*a few iphone images mixed in*