getting in the frame, my self portraits of 2017

A couple of years ago, I was looking through my catalog of images and realized that I had loads of photos of my son (of course) and of my son and husband. Where was I? I was there, but behind the lens. Don't get me wrong-I'm very comfortable there. I'm awkward when I'm on the other side. BUT, aside from our yearly family sessions and selfies, I longed to be captured in the everyday with my family.  So, I started experimenting with my phone's self-timer and the hashtag selftimerscorewithkingston was born. Click here to see those early self-portaits. Then, at the end of 2016, I joined a small group of artists that vowed to take a weekly image of themselves as a Project 52. Either alone or with our loved ones, we committed to capturing ourselves. (a big shoutout to Adri De la Cruz for starting this project named P52radness.) I absolutely loved diving into this project and exploring my creativity and confidence, as well as seeing other artists inspired and empowered. I will cherish this collection of images for years to come.   #kingandadproject52

To see more beautiful imagery, click here to see Tina Lowry Strickland's year

Here are some of my favorites!