an enchanting fall family session at enchanted rock

This awesome family went the extra mile for their fall session, literally. Because they have some property in Fredericksburg, they thought perhaps a session at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area would be fun. I loved that! Somewhere that has meaning to them, forever captured. And, we had a blast! We met there about 2 hours before sunset, paid and parked and then set out on our climb. You guys...if you have never been, you've got to see it. It's a giant pink granite dome of amazingness--a batholith to be exact. It's just incredible. I had been before, but this time, I had my photographer hat on and it was SO GOOD. Lugging my gear and a back pack of snacks and water was a good workout but worth every huff and puff. I'm in love with these images and this family! xo