the sweetest newborn session at home

When I am contacted for a lifestyle newborn session, well first, I do a happy dance, because--BABIES. But then, once the session is booked, I write the family name on the calendar month(s) of when to expect the session to take place. And I wait...and I have to tell you that I get SO excited when the parents reach out after the baby has arrived. I've been waiting for that email/text/call! So when Michelle reached out to let me know her sweet baby boy had arrived, I was ready. I absolutely love being invited in your spaces, the places you have made a home for your family. No matter how big or small the space, I aim to tell YOUR story.  This was the sweetest little tale of a new baby brother at home: the stillness, the adoration, the uneasiness and adjustment period of the existing sibling, and of course, the love. <3