st. david's main fresh 48

So you're pregnant and thinking about scheduling a Fresh 48 session? Or maybe it never even crossed your mind...Either way, I'm going to tell you why it's a great idea! SO incredibly special in that they just represent such a small window of time and are so neat to look back on. I shot this Fresh 48 session back in May and it's a favorite! They're all my favorites, honestly. It's an honor every single time and I always walk away with such a grateful heart! 

I do feel like the best sessions unfold naturally, without forcing too much. I just love to observe and document these times-snuggles, cries, feeding, loving, all of it. It's all beautiful, though when you are "in it" you may not realize. Trust me, as your baby grows (and grows!!!!) these images will continue to take on meaning for your family. Maybe it's your first child, and you'll remember what it felt like to be a brand-spanking new parent in that moment, or maybe it's your 2nd+ child and you have memories of siblings meeting and you'll be brought back to those emotions and YOU.WILL.SMILE. You will smile because time has passed and edges have softened and surely you've resumed sleeping again. You will smile because you have this time preserved forever. Expectant families click here to schedule your Fresh 48!