my year in self-portraits 2018

Dusting off the blog, because I have SO MUCH to post and I’m going to start with a personal one. I started this self portrait project officially in 2017 and decided to just keep it rolling into 2018 and I do not regret it! There are both self-portraits of Kingston and I, and some are only me. For King, my hope is that he will look back on these when he is older, or even after I’m long gone and he will feel my love for him. My intent is to capture us in an easy way. No huge set-ups, just us, doing what we do. For myself, I use these as a way to break through ruts, work through feelings, and just for fun. These are my faves-enjoy!

One last thing—if you’re interested in seeing how I shoot some of these, I have a lesson at Unraveled Academy live right now! You can click here to sign up and have access to that and many other artists! You will not regret it!!