new little sister, in home family photography session in austin texas

Have I told you lately that I am obsessed with lifestyle newborn sessions?! I.LOVE.LIFETSYLE.NEWBORN.SESSIONS. Why? Because I love babies!! There it is, just in case you forgot. :) I get to meet so many beautiful babies every year and it’s just my favorite. They are the star of the session, of course, because babies are awesome, but I also really love capturing all of the different family dynamics. How everyone works together/loves one another and how they are individually with the baby and/or siblings. In a family with siblings, things can go several ways- the sibling(s) could be obsessed with they new addition to your family, or on the contrary, could want nothing to do with them. They can fall somewhere in the middle as well! I’ve seen all of the scenarios at work and they are all acceptable! It’s really all very fascinating to me and fun to capture. Again, because BABIES. Enjoy!