summer in photos, a personal post

It’s about time to dust this blog off and I always love creating a personal post of our family summer, so here we are. It was another beautiful summer-full of fun, heat, rest, travel, family and friends. I’ll let the photos do the talking this year as I’m already feeling guilty for taking the time to post this! Here is Summer 2019 on digital, film and iPhone. xo

those summer nights-a lifestyle family sunset session

Where do I begin with this amazing family??! They've recently moved from Boston to Austin (I'm sorry, I just love the way that rhymes) and I was so excited to show them one of my favorite spots to explore. I fell in love with their interactions-the sisters like best friends, the littlest such a hoot, all of them in sync while we walked, got our feet wet and just took in the beautiful nature of McKinney Falls State Park. I'll just let the images speak for themselves--I love the ease they have about them. <3 Oh and it's time to start thinking about scheduling for fall, you guys!! I want to get you all on my schedule so the sooner the better! Click here

a summer family lifestyle session with the Blanco family

I met Sara of Sara K Blanco Photography last year, after falling in love with her work and hiring her for a session to capture my family. Let me tell you, I adore her.  We have so much in common that we did not realize and I have since become friends with her beautiful self. She radiates love and happiness and I truly loved getting to meet the people in her life that are the most special to her. I'm so excited to share her session with you guys--to me it embodies what my style is all about. Letting go of perfection, of trying to get that "perfect" image in your mind of everyone smiling at the camera, and just allowing yourselves and your love to shine through. Because to me, the "perfect" images are in the details; they are the ones that capture who you are RIGHT NOW. The way your children hug you, what smile phase they are in (it's a thing), how your partner pulls you in, the beautiful dynamic of your family just being together. Enjoy! 

a new baby sister, in-home newborn session in austin tx

A lot of the times, when I'm heading to a session, I've never actually spoken to them in person. We've communicated via email and text, but not face to face or even over the phone. This can be for varying reasons, the most of those being that I am such an introvert that sometimes the thought of speaking on the phone makes my armpits sweat. (just keeping it real! if you are a phone person and would rather do that, it's ok! I'll wear extra deodorant! lol) Anyway, so I get some butterflies when my people are new to me, but 9 times out of 10,  I am made to feel so very welcome and comfortable and I can only hope that I do the same for you. 
I walked in and the big sis of this family had a huge smile on my face in about 3 seconds. I ADORE KIDS, Y'ALL! From outgoing to shy, rambunctious to meek, GIVE THEM ALL TO ME. I absolutely loved meeting this gorgeous family and I love the images we created together to document some of baby sister's first days at home. Have a look! 

the sweetest family session at Austin Central Library

Let me tell you about my friend, Kacie. Both she and her husband Tim are people that I look up to. They are the kind of people that after being in their presence, I feel like I have been afforded a special privilege. They are incredible parents, and amazing humans. And if she's reading this, she's either blushing or rolling her eyes at me. Anyway, maybe you follow her on instagram (@heymamacase & @skinnyjhorts for Tim), or you may know that she used to sling the coolest tiny tees, which is how I ended up meeting her, after finding out that our husbands worked together for a stint! They have 3 of the most gorgeous children and they are an all-around rad family. So, when they let me tag along to explore one of their favorite spots, it was a no brainer. Have you been to the new Austin Central Library? If you haven't been yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? No, seriously-it's worth it. The architecture, the vibrant colors, the gorgeous patio views, the people-watching, the artists doing watercolor stills, and the books! 

I absolutely loved my time there with them--I didn't interfere too much, just observed and captured them as they were. The love, the patience, the beauty. 

sweetest summer session {austin lifestyle photographer}

I absolutely love it when my dear friends refer their friends to me, or actually when really anyone refers friends to me, for that matter! It just means so much! And bonus, I get to meet so many great people this way! That was the case with this sweet family. They had booked a little getaway on the Blanco River in Wimberley and contacted me to see if I'd be interested in shooting them there. OF COURSE. And with the summer temperatures, water is always welcome. I loved my time with them--and how adorable are they?! I wanted to bring that sweet smiley girl home with me!

fun at home with a new baby sister {austin lifestyle photographer}

Once again, it's been too long that I've visited this blog space to share my awesome sessions! I really am going to try harder to get more up, more often! With that being said, you've GOT to check this one out. A super fun, in-home session where this family danced and sang and loved their little hearts out to celebrate the arrival of a new baby sister. 

the last baby bump {austin lifestyle maternity photographer}

Because this mama will soon be having this sweet boy, I figured I'd start with her session from this past fall. (waaaaaay behind on posting, obviously) You may remember this gorgeous mama from this session or this one. Well, she killed it again with this last baby bump. 

austin lifestyle photographer angela doran

We met up on a misty morning and made some magic. Julie, who is one of the most gorgeous mamas I know, is always down for a little adventure. We waded in the creek, and then went for a little time indoors. Little man stole the show a couple of times, but he's so dang cute he's allowed. I cannot wait to meet this baby boy! 

Shot on iPhone6 and Kingston's Yellow Flowers

Ok, every once in a while, I hijack this blog for personal use. Although this time it feels a bit awkward, because if you know me, you know that I'm not one for attention. But, this experience thus far has been wonderful, exciting, enlightening, and heart-warming so I'd like to document it. 

angela doran photography shotoniphone6s austin tx

One Friday, the Good Friday before Easter, in fact, Kingston and I were on our way home from Georgetown and we passed this amazing yellow bush in a Walgreen's parking lot. As soon as I saw, it, I turned the car around. It was so vibrant, that it just begged to be photographed. Kingston wasn't really feeling getting out of the car, but I needed a subject, and he sweetly humors me all too often. I didn't even make him put his shoes on, I placed him in the bush and took a couple of snaps and on we went. I posted it to Instagram (my FAVORITE app--you can find me both here and here) and that was that.

Then, maybe a month or so later, I was contacted about this image and the next thing I know, I'm being featured in Apple's Shot On iPhone 6s campaign. Talk about surreal. The moment I read that congratulatory email, the tears came. I was shocked, excited, and elated-because I wasn't even sure what it was all about in the beginning. And then, to all of a sudden be a part of an international campaign...insane. And oh-so-awesome! Once I posted this news, along with the billboard locations, the pictures came rolling in. THIS is my favorite part of all of it. That my family and friends are sharing with their family and friends, rallying the troops if you will, to find my photo all over the world. THE. WORLD. People that I've never even met in real life are excited...for me. Oh gosh, I'm getting a lump in my throat just typing this. It's absolutely incredible to not only see an image that I took with my phone up in places I've only dreamed of visiting, but that I've had so many generous people that have cared enough to send them to me. Here are most of the images that I have received. I am still working on getting some of them loaded in, and I'll continue to edit the slideshow, as I receive them. NOTE: the mobile version viewed from cell phones does not have the location/photographer caption. 

Here is a list of the billboard locations, just in case you happen to be near one! Although, we have had some found that are not on this list! If you do happen to spot it, I'd love it if you would email it to 

US - Boston - i-93 North/East
US - Boston - Massachusetts Ave. @ Columbus Ave.
US - Charlotte - E Trade St. S/O N College St.
US - Chicago - Clybourn Station Saturation
US - Chicago - Halsted St. @ Randolph St.
US - Columbus - 15 W Cherry St. (left)
US - Dallas - Field + Elm
US - Denver - 14th St. + Arapahoe
US - Detroit - 1214 Randolph St.
US - Los Angeles - Lincoln + Harrison
US - Los Angeles - Sunset E/L @ Alvarado
US - Nashville - Broadway Wallscape
US - New York City - Park Ave. + E. 32nd St.
US - Philadelphia - I-95 0.7 mile S/O Broad St. WS
US - San Francisco - 2nd St. S/O Howard E/S
US - San Francisco - US 101 N/O Airport (SFO) E/S

AU - Sydney - Lane Cove, Epping Rd.
CA - Montreal - Atwater Station (Set 1)
CA - Toronto - Adelaide Fire Station
CH - Zurich - Main Station
CL - Santiago - Los Leones + Providencia
CN - Tianjing - Pengying Building
CO - Bogota - El Dorado Carrera 103
DE - Berlin - Potsdamerplatz
DE - Hamburg - Big Banner Station
DE - Hamburg - Grosse Johannisstrasse
DE - Frankfurt - Frankfurt Lightboxes
DE - Munich - Big Banner Station
FR - Lyon - Hotel de Varey
FR - Marseille - Canebière
FR - Paris - Gare Saint Lazare Cour de Rome
IN - Chennai - SSPDL towards Siruseri
IN - Delhi - T Point Cyber City
IN - Hyderabad - Financial District ICIC
IN - Kolkata - Road Lake Town FCG Ultadanga GR
IN - Mumbai - Byculla Mazgaon Junction
IT - Milan - Vip Prima Pagina Corso Garibaldi
IT - Rome - Corso Vittorio Emanuele Domination
JP - Nagoya - Kyoritsu Denki Building
JP - Osaka - Cockdor Building
JP - Sapporo - North Mansion
JP - Tokyo - Shinjuku S2 Building
KR - Daechi - Miraeasset Building
KR - Yuido - Road 88
MX - Mexico City - Flower Stands
MX - Monterrey - Plaza 401
SG - Changi Airport T2 Lightboxes
SG - Raffles Place Mrt Station
TH - Bangkok - Asoke-Ratchada
TR - Instanbul - Atasehir Mall
TR - Instanbul - Unalan
UAE - Dubai - Sama Hoarding
UK - London - Imax
UK - London - Old St. 333


Magazines/Publications (image on back cover)

People (US) released 7/1

California Living (US) released 7/8

Observer Magazine (UK) released 7/3

Jamie Magazine (UK) released 8/4

Zeit Magazine (Germany) released 8/11

Dominical (Spain) released 7/24

La Cucina Italia (Italy) released 8/22

L’Espresso (Italy) released 7/22

Kommersant Weekend (Russia) released 8/5

Shortlist (UK) released 7/5 

Country Style (Australia) released8/11

West Weekend (Australia) released 7/16

Sunday Life (Australia) released 7/31

Canadian Living (CA) released 7/20

Casa Living (Korea) released 8/20


Bon Apetit, July 2016

Bon Apetit, July 2016

Thank you to every single one of you that has called, text me, posted comments of congratulations, shared about it and for all the love, in general. I feel very blessed by all of you! And thanks, to Apple and the sweet gal who found my image--I'm beyond honored. xo