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a summer family lifestyle session with the Blanco family

I met Sara of Sara K Blanco Photography last year, after falling in love with her work and hiring her for a session to capture my family. Let me tell you, I adore her.  We have so much in common that we did not realize and I have since become friends with her beautiful self. She radiates love and happiness and I truly loved getting to meet the people in her life that are the most special to her. I'm so excited to share her session with you guys--to me it embodies what my style is all about. Letting go of perfection, of trying to get that "perfect" image in your mind of everyone smiling at the camera, and just allowing yourselves and your love to shine through. Because to me, the "perfect" images are in the details; they are the ones that capture who you are RIGHT NOW. The way your children hug you, what smile phase they are in (it's a thing), how your partner pulls you in, the beautiful dynamic of your family just being together. Enjoy! 

the sweetest family session at Austin Central Library

Let me tell you about my friend, Kacie. Both she and her husband Tim are people that I look up to. They are the kind of people that after being in their presence, I feel like I have been afforded a special privilege. They are incredible parents, and amazing humans. And if she's reading this, she's either blushing or rolling her eyes at me. Anyway, maybe you follow her on instagram (@heymamacase & @skinnyjhorts for Tim), or you may know that she used to sling the coolest tiny tees, which is how I ended up meeting her, after finding out that our husbands worked together for a stint! They have 3 of the most gorgeous children and they are an all-around rad family. So, when they let me tag along to explore one of their favorite spots, it was a no brainer. Have you been to the new Austin Central Library? If you haven't been yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? No, seriously-it's worth it. The architecture, the vibrant colors, the gorgeous patio views, the people-watching, the artists doing watercolor stills, and the books! 

I absolutely loved my time there with them--I didn't interfere too much, just observed and captured them as they were. The love, the patience, the beauty. 

capturing the beauty of pregnancy, a maternity session

I happen to think that pregnancy is beautiful. The fact that as women our bodies can create and birth another life is absolutely incredible. Not everyone is a pregnancy unicorn, loving every minute, but I think we can all agree that it is an amazing process. And so when I am hired for a lifestyle maternity session, I do my very best to capture the beauty. There is beauty in the new shape a woman's body takes, in the anticipation, in the love shared between parents. 

With Britt and Steve, there was such an ease about them. They are so clearly in love, and ready to meet their baby boy. I'm excited to meet him, too!

a fall family creek session

I met Amy of Captured Simplicity through my FAVORITE app, Instagram a couple of years ago. She is immensely talented and I've watched her little family grow from afar (well not THAT far--she's based in Houston). I was SUPER excited when she hired me to capture her own family. To me, that is a truly wonderful compliment--when another photographer hires me, it's both humbling and a little nerve-wracking. Will she like my session flow? Will I do her family justice? How will I not flub this up?? (all questions I asked myself before meeting Amy in person.) 

We explored one of my favorite spots, as I got to know her wonderful kids. Seriously--they were a blast! And this mama's smile? Could light up the night. SO. GORGEOUS. See for yourself! 

the way it unfolds, a session with angela doran {austin lifestyle photographer}

If you've never booked a session with me, I'd love to give you a feel for how they unfold, while also sharing one of the many beautiful families that just get me and allow me to create with them. 

First, I'll ask what area you live in, so that I can scout accordingly. I really don't like to add the stress of having to travel across town if I don't have to. There are many, many amazing locations to shoot at. Some are obvious...and some, are on the side of I-35, in front of the Tractor Supply. (as pictured in this blog post.) I'm ALWAYS looking. :) I walk around with my compass, so I know where the light will be, and I make sure it is a safe place for my families. 

austin lifestyle outdoor photo session

Then, it's session day! I'll meet you and we'll walk together to our spot. We will most likely start in some sort of traditional pose. I'll snap some photos, I'll talk to your kids, and then I'll start moving around. 

austin outdoor lifestyle photo session

I'll keep talking, acting a little silly, and I'll keep moving. I may ask certain family members to love on each other. I'll get close, and then I'll go far. 

And then, we'll need to change it up! Especially if you have young children. I don't like to do one thing for too long. Depending on the location, this could mean, walking somewhere else, or simply changing what we are doing. 

Then, I'll start to break it up, giving other family members a quick break, while capturing different combinations of family! During this movement, I usually capture some of my favorite moments of your session. 

And usually, by this time, everyone has relaxed and things are unfolding quite nicely, which enables me to really SEE you. The way you love your people. And that, is exactly what I want to capture. Side note, I'm probably full-on acting a fool at this point: barking like a dog, running around being silly. ;)

And then, we'll wrap it up! Thank you to the gorgeous families that let me in, that put their trust in me and let me see your gorgeous love. 

austin outdoor lifestyle photo session

fun at home with a new baby sister {austin lifestyle photographer}

Once again, it's been too long that I've visited this blog space to share my awesome sessions! I really am going to try harder to get more up, more often! With that being said, you've GOT to check this one out. A super fun, in-home session where this family danced and sang and loved their little hearts out to celebrate the arrival of a new baby sister. 

a new sister to love {austin and houston lifestyle newborn photographer}

Some of you may not know that I travel for this amazing work that I am blessed to do. And I've many awesome clients in Houston! So when this gorgeous mama contacted me about a newborn session there, it was a no-brainer. When I walked into their sweet home, I fell in love instantly. Everything was so easy and flowed so naturally. Big sister and I hit it off and she showed me around. One thing I really try to do, is make the siblings feel important. It's a time of adjustment and change, and though I'm there to capture the new baby that has arrived, I also want any siblings to know that I see them and they are an important part of the story. 

fun loving family! {austin lifestyle photographer}

I loved seeing this family again, this time with a little brother added to the mix! The last time I got to see them, Mama was pregnant with him. Connections are my favorite--and this family has them just so naturally. A lot of the time when I start a session, I tell the family, "Just love on one another!" That's exactly what they did. <3 

austin lifestyle photographer angela doran
austin lifestyle photographer angela doran

girls just wanna have fun {fort worth family photographer}

While in Fort Worth, I also got to visit a gal that I've known and loved since college. And bonus, she has 2 beautiful girls! Again, the weather was grey, but these girls were anything but! So much sunshine inside their home.  Literally from the moment that I got there, until I left, we had FUN. I just love Kristen! And her little ladies are stunningly gorgeous, no surprise. 

She is such a good mama &lt;3

She is such a good mama <3

We started with bubbles! Little Miss C has it down pat. 

her little nose &lt;3

her little nose <3

Little Miss K, well, she tried. But she was darned cute!!

those curlssssssssssssssssssss! cutest ever.

those curlssssssssssssssssssss! cutest ever.

Kristen was seriously so prepared for for fun. She busted out the Blue Bell and sprinkles and they had a little Ice Cream Princess Party. Then we headed outside to play in the drizzle, and to the playroom to wind it down.  So many fun moments were captured and I just loved watching them all interact. 

the ice cream clean up was JUST as cute. and a mama that wears a tiara with her girls? so much YES

the ice cream clean up was JUST as cute. and a mama that wears a tiara with her girls? so much YES

y'all! i can't. i want to squeeze her!

y'all! i can't. i want to squeeze her!

Thank you, Kristen, for letting me into your amazing home to capture your little ladies. I love y'all!