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summer in photos, a personal post

It’s about time to dust this blog off and I always love creating a personal post of our family summer, so here we are. It was another beautiful summer-full of fun, heat, rest, travel, family and friends. I’ll let the photos do the talking this year as I’m already feeling guilty for taking the time to post this! Here is Summer 2019 on digital, film and iPhone. xo

summer in photos, a personal post

I don't often borrow my own blog for personal purposes, but I do LOVE to round up my favorite images of summer. There was a post going around recently, saying something to the effect of "you only get 18 summers with your kids" and so I think I'll love these posts even more as they age. (and as an FYI-this post is always a mix of iPhone and camera images)
This summer was an awesome one! We traveled a bit more than we usually do and that proved to be very fun and very exhausting. To kick things off, we went camping with friends, then King went to Washington, D.C. with his grandparents, and I went to Portland, OR with a rad group of ladies for the Dear Photographer Elevate + Grow Workshop: making art, honing my craft, meeting new friends. We went glamping for the first time, and to Houston to see my mom and family. King broke his arm, and in a separate incident, had to have the Heimlich maneuver administered.  I was hired for a family session in Naples, FL so we spent a week hopping around Florida and then spent a weekend at the Frio River, had a family reunion on Lake Travis and snuck in time to rest and to play with friends all way through. Here are my favorites memories from summer 2018... 

(some sights in washington dc as documented by Kingston's grandmother, Marme)

summer loving, had me a blast {austin lifestyle photographer}

I'm always a little sad when summer is over. Gone are the days of sleeping in (you know, like to 7:30), and the lazy days of doing whatever strikes us. But at this point, as always, I'm ready to be done with scorching temperatures and sweating profusely. Every year I like to do a summer recap in photos and so here we are again, a gratuitous personal post. :) We travelled a little, played a lot. We read some books, we stayed close to home, we adventured in our city. Blake had to go to New Orleans for more than half the summer so King and I were inseparable. We definitely continued taking our self portraits, but I'll save those for a special post when the year is over. I stayed busier with sessions than I expected and I am grateful for that! It was a nice summer and we are already making plans for next year. Let's see what fall brings! xo
*a few iphone images mixed in*