So why Lifestyle Photography? 

For me, I have fallen in love in capturing life, emotions and the art of the everyday.  Do you like making pancakes as a family every Saturday? I would love to capture that-I'll bring the coffee!  Or do you like flying kites on summer days? Let's do it!  Splashing in puddles after a good rain? I've got rain boots. And yet, it doesn't have to be an activity, we can just hang around your house or at a park that you love. I want to tell your family's story and document your life in that moment.  Because in time, memories will fail and photos don't. 

What should we wear? 

I think the most important thing is to be comfortable. Then, COLOR! Elements of texture are great and photograph well also. Think hats, scarves, jewelry. Layers and accessories can make a simple photograph so much better!  For families, too matchy can look overdone and just a little too planned. (ex. all white shirts and khaki pants--and I have been guilty of this in the past!)  Coordination is key. If you need help, ask me! I love styling people. 

I want you to come to my house, but it's not big, fancy, perfect etc. 

This is SO common. You should see what is just out of the frame at my house sometimes. (laundry piles, toys, etc)  If you've got some natural light, I can almost guarantee you'll be amazed at what can be captured.

Where/How should I print my images?  

I recommend a few different printing resources and I also have access to professional services as well if you do not feel like dealing with that part. is easy, quick shipment and of good quality. And, It is my personal opinion that images look best with a matte/lustre finish to them, rather than glossy. For professional printing, I use both Miller's Lab & WHCC

will you schedule my session time of day when it's the most convenient for me?

I am going to do my very best to work with your schedule and mine. For outdoor sessions, I prefer to shoot when the light is best. This happens to be near sunrise and sunset. The light is so gorgeous at these times! The light is much more harsh in the middle of the day and isn't all that flattering. So, just trust me on this one. Adjust your schedule just a tad this one time and I promise it will be worth it! For an in-home shoot, we have much more flexibility, but I would also prefer to shoot in your home when the light is at it's best. This will depend on a number of factors: windows, which way your home is facing, etc. 

do you give all the images both in color and black and white? 

I do not-this is just not my artistic approach. Some galleries will have more black and whites than others. I choose based on the emotion that the image gives. If you absolutely want a couple of them in the opposite of what I gave you, just ask. If you know prior to  your session that you love or dislike black and white images, let me know! This is helpful! 

When will I get my image gallery? 

Give me 2-3 weeks. I'll try to get them to you sooner. And many times, I do!